Former pro surfer Pedro Henrique joins Best Kiteboarding

May 30, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Pedro Henrique: former surfer, future kiteboarder

Pedro Henrique is the newest addition to the Best Kiteboarding team. The former world junior surfing champion will be competing in the 2012 KSP Wave Tour season.

The Brazilian has a surfing background and was trained by his father from a very young age. Quickly, he rose through the junior rankings to eventually capture the 2000 World Junior Championship crown at Makaha, Oahu, after beating Jamie O'Brien and Tiago Pires in the final.

Pedro followed up his Junior surfing title with several seasons on the ASP Tour and notching up some solid results against the rest of the world's best pro surfers.

"The crossover between surfing and kitesurfing in the waves is obvious. For me it's the perfect blend of power and control. A kite can put you in positions on a wave that simply aren't possible with just the surfboard and the riding style is much more powerful as you can leverage the power of the kite to achieve maneuvers that can't be done without the kite", says Pedro Henrique.

"I'm looking forward to the challenge of the KSP Tour. There are many riders who have much more experience than me riding a kite. I'm hoping that my focus, training and greater surf experience will help me fight my way to the top."

Pedro will join Kristin Boese and Nuno "Stru" on the Best Wave Team.

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