Formula Kite: foils are heading to Paris 2024 Olympic Games | Photo: IKA

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of World Sailing has confirmed the official line-up of events for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The sport of kiteboarding will make its debut in the Olympic movement in France with a foil board and a ram air kite.

The 2024 Olympic sailing events and equipment are as follows:

  • Men's Windsurfer: RS:X
  • Women's Windsurfer: RS:X
  • Men's One Person Dinghy: Laser
  • Women's One Person Dinghy: Laser Radial
  • Mixed Kite: TBC
  • Mixed Two Person Dinghy: TBC
  • Women's Skiff: 49erFX
  • Men's Skiff: 49er
  • Mixed Two Person Multihull: Nacra 17
  • Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore: TBC

The equipment rules for kiteboarding's first appearance in the Olympic Games are as follows:

  • Board concept: Foiling;
  • Weight range (Men): 65-85 kgs;
  • Weight range (Women): 50-70 kgs;
  • Kite size (Men & Women): 7-21 m2;
  • Kite system: Ram Air;
  • Number of authorized kites per event: four high-performance, high-aspect-ratio kites;
  • Number of authorized hydrofoil systems per event: one high-performance, high-aspect-ratio hydrofoil system;

The wind range for the Olympic kite competition is between 5 and 40 knots.

All Olympic kite equipment must be available worldwide without restrictions. World Sailing, in cooperation with the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA), will manage and control the builders' licenses.

The chosen equipment will be "locked" per Olympic cycle to ensure confidence and reliability in gear investment and a controlled evolution from one event to the next.

This means that the official equipment should adopt the current Formula Kite class, which allows different models from different manufacturers to compete against each other on an Olympic-level playing field.

In terms of competitive format, we should expect a short track relay on a short windward/leeward course, with team members (men and women) sailing laps and taking turns on a changeover zone.

Competition may consist of an opening series of heats and a knockout stage or another form of final (i.e., the best of x races wins).

"Through the years, it was always our goal to keep the whole community and industry involved and not to go down the single manufacturer or one-design road," explains Markus Schwendtner, executive secretary of IKA.

"In the Youth Olympic Games, we had registered series production equipment for the first time, and it was a great success. I am thrilled that we have also achieved this as the equipment criteria for Paris 2024. Formula Kite will ensure that we retain the spirit and identity of kiteboarding."

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