Founders Kite Club is marrying business with pleasure

June 9, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Founders Kite Club: sharing is winning | Photo: Harmady/FKC

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) love to ride. With that in mind, the Founders Kite Club (FKC) organizes exclusive kiteboarding events for entrepreneurs, managing directors and high-end businessmen and businesswomen, in the most beautiful spots on the planet.

Yes, they're an elite club. Founded in 2013 by Sebastian Heitmann (Best Kiteboarding) and Christoph Jost (Absolventa), the Founders Kite Club aims to unite company executives in outstanding kiteboarding venues.

The business atmosphere is unique, and all participants share their professional experiences, career highlights, and network of contacts. Basically, you can have fun while boosting your sales.

"On our events budding entrepreneurs will have fun and most importantly will be able to plan and accelerate long-term goals for their current businesses. A mix of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, but similar attitudes will act to satisfy everyone's different needs," explains the team behind Founders Kite Club.

Founders Kite Club: marrying business with pleasure | Photo: Baranescu/FKC

"Those demands could be investments, cooperations, new customers or inspiration for new businesses. We bring together the right people from all different walks of life and create an active and profound interaction and not only a simple business card exchange."

The first event took place in 2013, at El Gouna, in Egypt, and since then they have built up a unique and sport-loving community.

"There is a similar model in the US (MaiTai); however, this organization is not represented in Europe. The Founders Kite Club is filling this niche market and established this trend on the European market," adds FKC.

Marrying business with pleasure in an informal environment is key to success. In the last couple of years, the Founders Kite Club traveled to Cape Town, Tarifa, Ulcinj, and Munich. Executives and business owners from diverse branches such as the Internet, IT, services, pharmacy, sporting goods, real estate, and luxury goods shared commons grounds while riding their kites.

Pro kiteboarders such as Sam Medysky, Hannah Whiteley, Ruben Lenten, Gisela Pulido, Lewis Crathern, Michael Schnitzhofer, Youri Zoon and Kristin Boese have attended the events run by the Founders Kite Club, helping executives with their tricks and riding techniques.

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