Fuerteventura World Cup 08 is ready to go

June 26, 2008 | Kiteboarding

When Fuerteventura calls, they all come. The island, situated in the Canaries, has got the wind the windsurfers and kiteboarders need. Guaranteed. Plus, there’s the bonus of white sandy beaches, blue skies and summer-like temperatures.

The athletes race across the water with an acceleration which would leave a sports car standing, performing spectacular stunts worthy of an aerobatics team. And all with no exhaust fumes or motor noise.

The efficiency with which the sportsmen and women use the wind is formidable. A modern windsurfing sail develops more horsepower per kilogram transported than a car equipped with an 800 horsepower motor.

René Egli, initiator and organiser of the World Cup says, “I’m very pleased that, with the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup, we are able to offer not just an annual sporting highlight, but also an event of increasing interest to spectators and the media. The interest in windsurfing and kiteboarding as a spectacular, clean sport, in tune with nature, is greater every year.”

And from 18th July to 2nd August 2008 on Fuerteventura, windsurfers and kiteboarders will try to measure up in 5 different events with world championship status. As ever on Fuerteventura, the spectators are right up close to the action.

They can make direct contact with the riders. There is also plenty to keep body and soul together and a wide-ranging program of related events.

Spectators can chill on the beach with drinks and music in a 1,000 m² lounge area whilst watching the ongoing competitions. In the evenings, thousands of tourists, locals and, for the prize-giving ceremonies, riders will mingle at the legendary World Cup parties in the 2,000 m² party marquee.

Organiser information: The World Cup on Fuerteventura is held under the auspices of and is sponsored by the municipality of Pájara (Fuerteventura) and the Spanish government. Fuerteventura has a special relationship with the wind.

The island is a pioneer in the field of wind energy. As long ago as 1996, there were 45 wind turbines with a combined output of more than 10 MW in Pájara, a town of 20,000 inhabitants.

Source: Fuerteventura World Cup

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