George Dufty is the 2013 BKSA Freestyle Kitesurfing champion

September 27, 2013 | Kiteboarding
George Dufty: mind the flats

George Dufty has been crowned 2013 BKSA Freestyle Kitesurfing champion, in Troon, Scotland.

After the cancellation of the Swansea event, all eyes were focused on the Scottish Windfest, in Troon. Round 2 of the 2013 BKSA Freestyle Tour would crown new champions.

In the Pro Women division, the final between Rosanna Jury, Hannah Whitely and Holly Kennedy was quite spectacular, with Holly literally flying through the air, Hannah landing on the beach, and Rosanna merrily kiting her way to become the new Women's champion for 2013.

The wind seemed to clean up for the Pro Men to show their skills, but in no means did it drop. A steady 40 knots and even some sunshine ensured an incredible few hours of kiting.

The final drew together Richard Flindall, John Blieker and George Dufty. Unfortunately, Richy had to make a somewhat speedy exit, which left it up to Jon and George to battle it out.

Jon had a bit of a kitemare, with a tangled kite and a couple of bad landings. Meanwhile, George put on a near perfect performance, with all but one of his tricks landed with textbook ease. Dufty tastes gold.

BKSA Freestyle Kitesurfing Tour 2013 | Results

Pro Men
1. George Dufty
2. Jon Bleiker
3. Richard Flindall

Pro Women
1. Rosanna Jury
2. Holly Kennedy
3. Sukie Robertson

Amateur Men
1. Craig Smith
2. Daniel Oyston
3. Ethan Hawkins

1. Pete Jones
2. Pete Whiteley
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