Global Kiter Foundation promises to boost kiteboarding

May 6, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Global Kiter Foundation: gear his welcome in many countries

The Global Kiter Foundation (GKF) has been born by the hands of Sandrine Roussos Werner and Charles Werner. This nonprofit organization was created in order to regroup amateur kiteboarders, professional riders, industry leaders, school owners, instructors, beach users and supporters, as well as to improve access to our sport.

Through committed environmental work, comprehensive education and an involved community, GKF intends on working for the good of kiting as well as the kiters.

One of the most important functions of GKF is to reinvest in local kiteboarding efforts. Money raised through the Foundation goes directly to improving the local kiteboarding environment and initiatives.

GKF runs the 100% donation model. It means 100% of every donation goes directly into the kiting community to fund specific projects or on-going work carried out throughout the year. Supporters decide exactly where their money goes and see how it is spent.

GKF is approved by Royal Decree, in Brussels, Belgium and operates at an international level. The demanding and rigorous legal structure of a Foundation was chosen to reinforce our accountable, non-profit and community based approach to kiting.

The accounts will be published at the end of each fiscal year, offering full transparency on how the donations are spent and how the Foundation is managed. The team behind GKF has been involved with kiteboarding for over ten years.

Co–founders and dedicated kiters, Sandrine Roussos Werner and Charles Werner want to provide a fresh and transparent organization that will bring the community together and offer every kiter a chance to give back to the great sport. Accountability, they say, is part of their ethos.

GKF is joined by an excellent team of Ambassadors who will help to promote the important work and objectives of the Foundation. Ambassadors include prominent members of the kiting community: Dimitri Maramenides, Laurel Eastman, Jerome Josserand, Nuria Goma and Jack Elston.

Global Kiter Foundation was created in February 2011 and started operations in May 2011.