He crossed the Baltic Sea in 66 minutes and 20 seconds

September 24, 2015 | Kiteboarding
2015 Red Bull Coast 2 Coast: 500 kiteboarders crossing the Baltic Sea | Photo: Marko/Red Bull

It is considered the toughest kiteboarding marathon in the world. The 2015 Red Bull Coast 2 Coast saw 500 riders crossing the Baltic Sea. Guess who finished first?

He only needed 66 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the 40-kilometer challenge across the windy and chilly waters of the North European sea. You know who the winner is: Florian Gruber.

"Yes, I made it! I won the biggest kitesurf race in the world! It was a lot of fun to take part. Super happy about that! My gear was working perfect and fast," wrote the German kiteboarder.

The 2015 Red Bull Coast 2 Coast had riders sailing from Germany (Fehmarn Island), turning around the buoy at the Danish coast (Rodbyhavn), and returning back to Germany.

The fastest and strongest female kiteboarder was Katja Roose. The Dutch rider completed the adventure with a spectacular time of only 83 minutes and 17 seconds. Roose finished seventh overall.

"What a ride! Pretty tough and long. Full on racing! Congrats to winner Florian and second Jannis Maus. And congrats of course to Anke, who came second with the women! Well done chica! You rock!" added Roose.

Red Bull Coast 2 Coast 2015 | Results

1. Florian Gruber 1h6m20s
2. Jannis Maus 1h6m59s
3. Rolf van der Vlugt 1h11m24s

Best Woman
7. Katja Roose 1h23m17s

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