Heineken and Langeree crowned in the sands of Burc Beach

July 5, 2012 | Kiteboarding
John Heineken: style and speed

John Heineken and Kevin Langeree have claimed the 2012 PKRA Turkey, held in exciting conditions at the beautiful Burc Beach. In the Racing division, this was one of the closest world championship competitions in all of kiteboarding history.

Race 11 turned out to be the most intense of them all. Heineken, Koch, Lake, and Leccese went into battle with the look of sheer determination and commitment. The biggest question was whether Lake or Heineken would achieve the championship title and the next 30 minutes would be the ultimate deciding factor.

From the start, Lake and Koch took a very different approach than the rest of the fleet. However, Leccese and Heineken rounded the first mark ahead of the rest. Olivier Dansin gladly pulled into third, leaving Koch and Lake to fight for third and fourth place.

Riccardo eventually came flying across the finish – Heineken in second and Dansin in third. Even though this was Leccese’s second win of the day, it was not quite enough to put him on the podium. Heineken, Lake, and Koch, on the other hand, came out on top, claiming the championship titles for the event.

The freestyle Kite Master’s final heats also attracted a large crowd, as Kevin Langeree and Ariel Corniel first took to the water and displayed a mix of Board-offs, KGBs, and 313s. In 12-15 knots of wind on their 12 and 14 meter kites, the conditions were well suited to decide the final winners of the Burn Kiteboard World Tour.

Langeree moved into the final, as did Christophe Tack, who advanced with big 7.5 Back Mobe and a nicely executed Board Flip (TicTak). In the final, featuring Tack and Langeree, Kevin achieved big scores with nothing below a 6.5, including a Late Mobe and Board-Off, while Tack pulled off a powered KGB and Board-off as well.

In the end Langeree achieved victory with his mix of crowd-pleasing old school tricks and well-executed new school maneuvers.

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