Heinrich Rohwer wins the Big Bay Big Air Challenge

April 8, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Big Bay Big Air Challenge: air style | Photo: Dirty Habits

Heinrich Rohwer has conquered the Big Bay Big Air Challenge, held in South Africa.

The event gathered 64 riders, including eight female kitesurfers. With perfect conditions rolling over the Big Bay and enthusiastic commentary by Lewis Crather, the British stunt rider, everyone had a good time.

The Big Bay Big Air Challenge invites all riders off the water to judge those who are in action. During the Semifinals and Finals, professional judges decide who are the best.

Kitesurfers performing higher air style moves will be collecting points and a victory in the South African event. Heinrich Rohwer, from Cape Town, took away the Men's division, ahead of Greg Thijsse and Colin Heckroodt.

Hannah Whiteley, Lanral Ruddock and Jason van der Spuy won the gold medals in the Women's, Over 35 Men and Yooth categories.


1. Heinrich Rohwer
2. Greg Thijsse
3. Colin Heckroodt


1. Hannah Whiteley
2. Nanette van der Snoek
3. Iva Lopes De Sarria

Over 35

1. Lanral Ruddock
2. Neill Niel Joubert
3. Clinton Santillan


1. Jason David van der Spuy
2. Eden Faclio
3. Leo Faclio

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