Helen Skelton sets new kite skiing record

January 19, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Helen Skelton: kiteboarding in the snow

Helen Skelton, an English television presenter, has set a new kite skiing world record. The 28 year-old reporter set the fastest time ever for 100 kilometres covered by kite ski, according to the Guinness World of Records.

Skelton completed the distance in 7 hours and 28 minutes. The analysis based on GPS data sent via satellite from the Antarctic, where she is close to finishing the 500 miles to reach the South Pole.

Helen Skelton learned to kitesurf in the summer of 2010 with Ned Taylor, the British Freestyle champion and BKSA senior instructor.

The TV presenter picked things up very quickly and the flat shallow water of the River Exe provided the ideal learning conditions to grasp the kite skills she would be needing to do this current adventure.

The world record, though, is not universally accepted. Several professional extreme explorers say that there are many examples of men and women who kited faster and longer on the polar caps. Apparently, Ronnie Finsaas has snow kited more than 500 kilometres, in less than 24 hours.

The officials at Guinness World Records say there are several records at stake. "We are aware of explorers who have achieved longer distances, but Helen Skelton’s application was the first that Guinness World Records had received specifically for the 100-kilometre distance", they add.

"Based on the GPS data received by satellite from the Antarctic, Guinness World Records has confirmed that Helen Skelton achieved a world record by covering 100 kilometres in seven hours 28 minutes."

Helen Skelton is raising funds for Sport Relief.