High-octane battles at the 2016 Lord of the Wind

January 18, 2016 | Kiteboarding
2016 Lord of Wind: windy days at Los Barriles | Photo: Lori Makabe

It's all done and dusted at the 2016 Lord of Wind, held in Los Barriles, Mexico.

After five days of intense competition, the champions have been crowned. The East Cape of Baja delivered consistent winds, and all riders were able to test their skills and equipment in the warm Mexican waters.

The event also crowned the 2016 IKA North American Kite Foil champions. Joey Pasquali was the man of the week. He won 14 of the 15 races and made sure Nico Launder and Julien Kerneur would only battle for the remaining podium positions.

The Big Air competition is always an exciting contest to watch. And in this chapter, Kerneur flew higher than anyone else. The French kiteboarder sent himself into the skies at 11.6 meters and won the competition. Cynthia Brown was the only female rider to reach the double digits - 10 meters.

The Freestyle division was dominated by Rocky Chatwell and Kris Kinn, while in the Slalom competition, Bruno Ferreira won two of the five final races, and climbed the highest spot on the podium.

2016 Lord of Wind | Winners

Kite Foil: Joey Pasquali (Men) and Astrid Berz (Women)
Freestyle: Rocky Chatwell (Men) and Kris Kinn (Women)
Pro Slalom: Bruno Ferreira (Men) and Justi Vonada (Women)
Big Air: Julien Kerneur (Men) Cynthia Brown (Women)
Open Slalom: Agustin Tapia (Men)

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