How to do an inverted front roll tail grab

Inverted front roll tail grab: an old school kiteboarding trick | Photo: Chidiac/Red Bull

Learn how to land the inverted front roll tail grab, a classic old-school kiteboarding trick.

Air rotations are always impressive, especially if you're a spectator or kite fan watching the pros out in the water.

They spice up the ride and allow you to be creative.

The front roll requires more height than the back roll, and the early moments of the rotation are a bit tricky.

But with a little bit of practice, you'll pull it off in no time.

Inverted Front Roll Tail Grab 101

Here's how to perform the trick that draws the line between beginners and intermediate/advanced kiteboarders:

  1. Speed up;
  2. Carve hard and pull the bar;
  3. Send the kite backward;
  4. Bend your front leg and pop up;
  5. Rotate your head and look over your back shoulder;
  6. Extend your front leg and bend your back leg;
  7. Grab the board with your back hand as long as possible;
  8. Halfway through the rotation, bring the kite forward using your front hand;
  9. Let the wind hit your board and help you complete the rotation;
  10. Slightly bend your knees and prepare for landing;

If you want to make the trick more inverted and stylish, instead of looking over your shoulder (5), look up, keep your core tight, and bring the board over your head.

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