"How to Kitesurf" eBook hits the shelves

February 28, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Kitesurfing: learn to ride safely

"How to Kitesurf" is an eBook intended to teach how to ride kites and how to be safe in the water.

Shawn Tieskotter, the author of "How to Kitesurf", has traveled through more than 26 countries and every US state and has been kiting on land, sand, water and snow.

"I consider it my responsibility to the kitesurfing community. Kitesurfing is actually a very safe sport, yet there are still too many injuries every year", explains Shawn Tieskotter.

"Most of these injuries would be completely avoidable if new kitesurfers were just a little better educated", he adds.

"How to Kitesurf" also teaches kitesurfers how to avoid preventable injuries and meteo knowledge. The 150 plus eBook contains over 50 pictures, graphics and illustrations to help you familiarize your self with each step of the learning process.

The step-by-step guide also includes information on how to read the weather, how to set up, tune and maintain your gear, local kite zones, right-of-way rules, wind window concepts and advanced tips.

"How to Kitesurf" is available as an eBook for Kindle.

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