How to pack up a kite

Packing up: know how to roll your kite up without damaging its materials | Photo: Gardi/Red Bull

Whether you're finishing a kitesurfing session or getting ready for a long trip, you need to know how to roll up your kite before putting it in the bag.

When our kite session is done, and you've landed your wing safely, sometimes all we can think of is a nice meal and a deserved rest.

However, there's still work to do. It's time to pack up the gear.

The trick is to do it quickly and without damaging the kite canopy. That requires patience and method.

And there are a couple of ways of doing it.

The first thing you should do is wrap up the lines around the bar so that they won't tangle themselves or get hit by people, animals, cars, and sharp objects.

Then, make sure your leading edge is fully deflated to avoid damaging the internal structures and core materials.

Packing Kites 101

Let's learn how to do it, step-by-step:

  1. Find a good place for packing up;
  2. Turn your kite over into the wind;
  3. Open the deflate valves to release the air;
  4. Generate pressure on the leading edge and struts and smash out the excess air;
  5. Grab one tip of the kite and start rolling it up tightly toward the center while keeping the leading edge aligned;
  6. Apply pressure on the kite bladders to get the air out of the struts;
  7. Roll up the other side of the kite;
  8. Fold it once or twice;
  9. Shake off any sand that could be trapped inside the kite;
  10. Put the kite inside the bag;

If you're in a hurry, you can leave the kite lines attached and the struts inflated.

Just fold the kite with the leading edge partially deflated and transport the equipment to a safe environment.

Finally, don't pack your kite too tight. Fold up your kite once or twice, and that's it.

Leave it slightly loose to avoid damaging the valves, the bladders, and the kite canopy.

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