The Jesus Walk: learn how to walk on water using a kite

Walking on water is not an easy stunt to pull off. If you're not Jesus Christ, then you should learn how to do it with Jeremie Tronet, the man who invented the move.

Jeremie Tronet is a busy man.

Despite living a quiet Caribbean island life in the Grenadines, he is constantly creating, developing, and adding new tricks to kiteboarding.

The Jesus Walk, also known as Jesus Style, is a nice example.

"I came up with the Jesus Walk a little over 12 years ago on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean. This is one of my favorite kitesurfing tricks to do," notes Tronet.

"People love it, and it has become one of the most iconic fun tricks in kiteboarding. Strapless riders and even foil kitesurfers are doing it on their own board now!"

It's easy to talk, but can you do it yourself? No worries.

Jeremie Tronet is the perfect instructor. He's not God, but he will teach you how to do the Jesus Walk in no time.

The only thing you must know how to do before trying the Jesus Walk is to take the board off your feet and put it back fast.

Jesus Walk 101

If you can do it, you're ready to go:

  1. Launch a big kite (12 meters or greater) for additional hang time;
  2. Apply a handle or a sticky pad to the board's rail;
  3. Loosen your foot straps;
  4. Don't get underpowered;
  5. If you do the trick on the right tack, place your left hand in the middle of the bar;
  6. Get your kite lower than one o'clock;
  7. Edge hard upwind to generate the pop jump without moving the kite;
  8. As soon as you leave the water, turn your shoulder toward the direction you're going;
  9. Bend your knees and reach for the board;
  10. Apply pressure on your left hand and start hovering over the water;

Use the lift of the kite to simulate the walk on the water.

Before the kite reaches the other side of the wind window, quickly put the board back under your feet at the same time, or throw the board on the water and land both feet on top of the straps.

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