Trainer kite: learn how to kiteboard safely

A trainer kite is the best way to start kiteboarding while avoiding serious injuries. Learn basic flying techniques before hitting the water for the real deal.

Choose a spot clear of people and obstacles downwind. Unroll your kite back to the wind and attach the lines to the control bar.

Check and twist the lines so that they're straight. Set up the trainer kite and get ready for a few beginner kiteboarding exercises.

With your kite placed away from you, launch it by pulling the bar. Tensioning the lines will inflate your trainer kite until it takes off.

The concept of wind window is very important.

When you have your arms pointing to the sky and securing the control bar, you're at 12 o'clock, the neutral position for the kite.

The edge of the window is nine o'clock and three o'clock. You will land the kite by getting it to the far left or right.

Wind Window: learn the basics of wind power

Flying a Kite Within the Wind Window

Try to complete several figure-eight moves with your training kite. Get it to either side only, without passing the twelve o'clock neutral position.

Lie on the ground with the kite up in the twelve o'clock position, steer it to the left, and use the energy to get into a standing position.

You're simulating a very common in-water situation.

Getting into the power zone in the wind window depends on how much you pull the control bar.

The harder you pull the kite down, the more power it will have.

Training the figure-eight moves in the power zone will help you test the limits of your trainer kite.

Run with your trainer kite and keep doing the previous exercise to feel how it will be in the water.

Accredited kiteboarding schools are the best way to learn how to kiteboard quickly and safely.

Get the best trainer kites in the world.

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