Ian Young completes a 1300-kilometer downwinder in Western Australia

November 20, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Ian Young: smiling and celebrating after a 1300-kilometer adventure in Western Australia

Ian Young has successfully completed a 1300-kilometer (808 miles) downwind challenge in Western Australia.

Young was able to ride his kite from Perth to the North West Cape, in order to raise money for Soldier On, a non-governmental organization which helps wounded soldiers.

The kiteboarder planned the whole adventure for three years. With a personal set of ram-air foil kites and GPS equipment, Ian Young was able to touch firm land on the Cape Range National Park.

In some areas, the downwind master was able to reach a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. On his best day, Ian sailed 330 kilometers. In the end, he raised nearly 20,000 dollars.

Ian Young started kitesurfing in 1996. He served in the Australian Army for 22 years, and he is considered a key figure in the introduction of kiteboarding in Australia.

"At no point did I fear for my life, and I had absolute confidence in my support crew because they knew where I was all the time," Young revealed the Western Suburbs Weekly, immediately after arriving at Jansz Beach, near Exmouth.

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