Ice and snow sailors claim medals in Saint Petersburg

March 10, 2014 | Kiteboarding
2014 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship: there's always time to smile

More than 115 riders competed at the 2014 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

During five days, the best ice kiteboarders and windsurfers battled for medals in the frozen tracks of Saint Petersburg.

The competition was organized by the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA). There were many divisions up and sailing. Kites with snowboards, kites with skis, windsurf rigs, and wings, all being run in course race, freestyle and short slalom tracks.

The races were run in good wind conditions. Sometimes sailors would be greeted by unexpected sun rays. Freestyle athletes had to take care. Failure would mean light to medium injuries in the hard, cold surfaces.

The 2014 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship was open to all ages. There were classes for the most experienced, women, veterans and young sailors.

In the last day, the weather conditions changed, and the ice shield was showing multiple unsafe cracks. The local authorities disallowed sailing and the contest was called off.

2014 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship | Results

Course Race Kite Boards
Ilya Ryazanov

Course Race Open Class
Aleksandrs Leontev

Course Race Kite Skis
Maksim Shaidakov

Course Race Wings
Rainer Salo

Freestyle Kite Boards
Artem Garashchenko

Freestyle Kite Skis
Lev Kosolapov

Short Track Open Class
Aleksandrs Leontev

Short Track Wings
Rainer Salo