IKF is the self-entitled world governing body for kiteboarding

December 7, 2009 | Kiteboarding


The IKF (International Kiteboard Federation) is the World Governing Body for kiteboarding. The IKF have been granted full World Championship Title rights for the sport.

The IKF is an organisation that is working to develop the sport of Kiteboarding at all levels.

This includes competitions, education within the sport, judging courses and stringent criteria for judges, kitesurfing activities for the young riders (junior competitions) and a unified blanket under which the sport will fall.

The IKF provides guidance and advice to its members around the world on matters such as competition, judging, education, anti doping and other areas of development of the sport.

The IKF creates added value for everybody involved in Kiteboarding on a national and international level and will offer manuals and other forms of feedback and advice.

To work with the national associations.
To protect the interest of the Kiteboarding athletes.
To guarantee Kiteboarding continues to encourage the freedom of selfexpression and creativity.
To promote and support the sport of kiteboarding in order to further it’s stand in the future.

To establish and maintain an international association to promote the interests of kiteboarding in all its forms throughout all countries of the world. To promote the values of good sportsmanship, particularly amongst the younger generation.

The IKF creates added value for all parties involved within the sport of Kiteboarding on an international and national level. The future will depend on cooperation with all parties, including pro-riders, national association , eventorganizers and the sponsors to further the growth and development of kiteboarding worldwide.

The IKF is taking the steps towards positive development of this sport. It is supporting the riders by implementing strong criteria within each IKF event and encouraging the brands and sponsors within the sport.

It has now become possible to compete under consistent rules within each sanctioned IKF event. Thereby the sport becomes more attractive and evident to athletes, spectators and the media.

The management is located in Brazil - Ceara, financed by membership-fees
The board members consist of delegates from Czeck Republic, Canada, Spain,
France, Brazil, England, USA, Australia, South Africa, Italy.

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