IKO improves the Snowkiter's Handbook

January 9, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Snowkiter's Handbook: learn to control the mountain

The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) has released the 2nd edition of the Snowkiter's Handbook.

The Snowkiter's Handbook includes more vivid and clear illustrations on how to perform snowkiting skills, and is a necessary companion for any beginning to intermediate snowkiter looking to learn and to become a safe independent snowkite rider.

Comprised of explanations with full-color photo demonstrations and exercises, this guide not only helps students learn proper snowkiting practices and techniques, but also outlines what should and should not be done, at every step of the learning process.

The new digital edition can be downloaded at the IKO's website and was written by the most experienced snowkiters in the world.

"In order to meet the need to learn safely while snowkiting, we have updated the Snowkiter’s Handbook to be more engaging and portable to use as a reference while snowkiting", Frederic Béné, co-founder of IKO.

The Snowkiter's Handbook also includes useful tips on understanding the wind and weather, choosing the right snowkiting location and equipment and a complete list of snowkiting terminology.

Snowkiting lets riders enjoy the mountain and fly right back up the hill or fly over terrain.