IKO launches online kiteboard learning

June 17, 2009 | Kiteboarding
IKO launches online kiteboard learning

IKO is ever evolving into the source of higher learning for Kiteboarding around the world! 

Now anyone interested in continuing to better their skills on the water can sign up for downloadable courses through our Online Education area.

Here you will find a variety of Knowledge-Based and Hands-On courses for all disciplines and levels, with more courses being added all the time.

Knowledge-Based Courses now available:

International Kiteboarding Signs, which will teach you the necessary hand signals to communicate quickly and effectively with fellow kiters.

1. Right of Way Rules (ROW) are designed to instruct how to safely and confidently practice in populated areas without fear of collision.

2. Stretching for Kiters, has been developed to help prevent injuries, strengthen muscles, and even elongate the muscle fibers.

The Hands-On section contains:

1. The Self-Rescue & Pack-Down is a relatively simple yet extremely important procedure that all kiteboarders must master before kiting independently.

You do not need to be a professional to benefit from the tools provided in these lessons, just possess the drive to better your proficiency in the exciting sport of Kiteboarding!

Go to the Online Education section now to start to develop into the well-rounded Kiteboarder we all strive to be!

Also coming soon, How to choose second-hand gear, Weather and Tide, Introduction to Jumping, and Advanced Jumping techniques, so stay tuned!

Source: IKO