iPad scoring system enters professional kiteboarding

April 1, 2012 | Kiteboarding
iPad in kiteboarding: judges love it

iPad is the new revolutionary gadget in professional kiteboarding. The Apple tablets are one of the most important changes to the PKRA since its inception and one of the most significant breakthroughs to revolutionize competitive kiteboarding.

The new system is revealed in combination with a live, computerized scoring system, which will greatly enhance the viewing experience by providing real-time scores as they happen. The 2012 PKRA World Tour has already tested the new iPad judging system in the first stage, at Dakhla, Morocco.

"This will be visible to the riders and onlookers on the beach, as well as to online viewers tuned into to the live broadcast feed", PKRA tells SurferToday.com.

"In years past, the scoring system operated on an overall impression system, which judged riders less by individual tricks, and more by the full impression of their heat".

"Realizing that many riders may avoid executing more powerful or risky maneuvers in order to move forward, the PKRA opted for the new system as a way to drive the sport forward and forge innovation within and outside of the tour", PKRA adds.

While the model of scoring has been significantly altered, many aspects of the PKRA scoring guidelines remain the same.

Judges will still score based on the level of power utilized for execution, technical difficulty, the risk factor involved with completing a trick, the variety of tricks performed, the height reached by riders, the smoothness and fluidity of tricks executed, and innovation carried out within a given heat.

Right now, this computerized scoring system will not be utilized for qualifying rounds but if the iPad changes confirm the initial success, the revolution may spread from kiteboarding to surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.

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