Is Antoine Auriol the last KPWT champion?

October 29, 2010 | Kiteboarding
Antoine Auriol: the last KPWT champion?

Antoine Auriol is the 2010 KPWT Overall World Champion, in the Freestyle and Wave classes. But it was not an easy year for the Kiteboard Pro World Tour.

After several disputes with PKRA, IKA, and ISAF, apparently, the KPWT only managed to complete one event: the Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit, in Portugal.

It all started wrong in Jamaica due to poor event organization. The kiteboarding competition could not be concluded.

The KPWT events were delayed, canceled and only Portugal managed to conclude a stage.

Despite all the problems and pressures from the official kiteboarding governing bodies, the KPWT promises "new sublime kiteboarding locations and a new format competing for the World Tour Title".

This was the 12th year of KPWT competitions. What will happen next?