PKRA World Tour: the iconic brand has changed | Photo: Toby Bromwich/PKRA

The World Kite Tour (WKT) has announced a tentative event schedule for the 2016 season.

The kiteboarding circuit formerly known as PKRA World Tour has risen from the ashes of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) to become the World Kite Tour. After several months in absolute obscurity, the WKT is ready to kick off a brand new season.

Two weeks ago, SurferToday contacted WKT to know if the Tour would be run as previously planned and whether there were news updates to be made public. We got no reply from the kite organization.

Now, there will be three brands running the kite show - World Kite League, World Kiteboarding League, and World Kite Tour. The World Kite League, run by the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) is already underway with the majority of the sport's stars. Where and how will the WKT fit in?

"World Kite Tour has the 'Special Event status' as World Tour, and has the approval of the International Sailing Federation [World Sailing]. The Tour will feature the two most emblematic stops: Tarifa and Germany," the organization notes in a statement.

The WKT season opens with the Costa Brava Kiteboarding Youth Cup. In late July, the official Tour kicks off in Tarifa, and it then travels to Fehmarn Island, in Germany. The remaining stages in Brazil, Argentina, and China have not yet been confirmed.

The main sponsor of the World Kite Tour is ZED, led by Javier Pérez Dolset. Mauricio Toscano will be the WKT manager, and Alex Lorenz is the CEO of the kite insignia.

World Kite Tour 2016 | Provisional Schedule

Costa Brava Kiteboarding Youth Cup 2016 | 27th June - 2nd July
Tarifa | 20th-24th July
Germany | 26th August - 4th September
Brazil | TBC
Argentina | TBC
China | TBC

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