ISAF opens training courses to kiteboarding coaches

July 10, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding training: Indonesian coaches get ready for gusty winds

Kiteboarding was invited for the first time to take part in an ISAF Training Course. The event was targeted for level 3 coaches, a Batam, in Indonesia.

Portuguese and Spanish Olympic sailing trainers led the course and focused on training techniques, as well as with the long-term planning that would be required to bring an athlete to their peak performance level at the right time.

Sailors worked on physical fitness programmes and personal training schedules, in parallel with nutrition awareness courses and health assessments.

For sailors from the emerging nations, this was a whole new level of training and awareness, which soon makes it clear that to succeed at an Olympic level planning and physical skill are compulsory.

The kiteboarding inputs included "Kiteboard 101", kite safety and rescue, rigging and safety, and tips for establishing a national association. The "Kiteboard 101" session covered development history, growth and spread of kiteboarding, competition formats, organizational structures and the future.

The group of coaches learned what safety systems are currently in place, what a kiteboarder can do for themselves in terms of safety and self-rescue and what approach and role they should take as coaches, without further safety boat training for kite rescue.

The practical beach based session covered location assessment, kit rigging and pack-down, safety systems and kite launch procedures. This was just focused on the participants who added kite training to their course application.

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