Israeli Kiteboarding Association joins IKA

August 26, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Israel: a good kitesurfing destination

The Israeli Kiteboarding Association has joined the International Kiteboarding Association family as an official member. In the next months, some of Israel's best riders will be showing up in next competitions.

"Israel is one of the world leading countries in competitive sailing thanks to its great weather and good winds all year", says Gil Hurvitz, Chairman of the Israeli Kiteboarding Association.

"Kiteboarding is the latest and most exiting type of sailing and naturally it became very popular sport all over the world Associations all over the world started promoting the sport and push it into new levels at racing, freestyle, waves and more".

"The Israeli Kiteboarding Association see the great potential the sport has and the importance of the IKA as a head Association that will connect between all countries and will lead the way to make the sport safer and more accessible. We expect Kiteboarding to become an Olympic Model and bring with it more colors and interest to the traditional Olympic sailing", Hurvitz adds.

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