Jeremie Tronet kite jumps over Happy Island

March 4, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Jeremie Tronet: a leap of happiness

They've jumped from icebergs, but also over piers, bridges, plateaus, shipwrecks, buildings, and rocky cliffs. Kiteboarders are just like that. From time to time, they feel the need to leap.

Jeremie Tronet is one of them. The pro kiteboarder has been living between the French Riviera and the Caribbean, so he knows a large number of spots where he can train innovative stunts.

Look no further. Happy Island, a small man-made island/bar in the outer harbor of Clifton, Union Island, inspired Tronet. The tiny islet floats next to his dreamy JT Pro Center. So, there you go.

"Jumping and kitesurfing next to it has become the daily attraction for anyone visiting that exotic little bar at sunset time after a rough day in paradise. Jumping over it had never been done before and was on my mind for a long time," reveals Jeremie Tronet.

Sailors who often stop for a drink are always challenging kiteboarders to jump over Happy Island. But the stunt requires good winds, hang time, confidence, and lots of experience.

Yes, you're right; he decided to give it a go on a windy Caribbean day. Happy Island was built with conch shells by Janti, the barman, and it is always in party mode. Will Jeremie Tronet successfully jump over it?

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