Jesse Richman: enjoying the sights over Columbia River Gorge

Jesse Richman has set a new world record by flying 790.68 feet (241 meters) above the Columbia River Gorge with his kite.

Tension is in the air. You can feel it. Jesse Richman is ready to go. "You know, I'm feeling good. It's just the...". The kiteboarder is anxious. He wants to do it.

Under the careful watch of stunt coordinator Jon Malberg, Jesse Richman is towed by boat up to 790 feet above the Columbia River Gorge and then released with a kite in hand.

The wind is strong and almost stable. Jesse is only a human grain in the infinite sky. From the surface of the Gorge, even his kite is small.

The descent begins. Jesse Richman steadily comes down and lands safely in the flat water of the river. Excitement time.

He made it.

"To get up that high and then kite down, land right away, it's just..."

Jesse Richman says this is just the beginning. Now what?

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