John Heineken wins 2012 North American Course Racing Championships

July 30, 2012 | Kiteboarding
2012 North American Course Racing Championships: watch those kites under the bridge

John Heineken and Erika Heineken have taken the 2012 North American Course Racing Championship titles.

After 12 intense races, all positions were defined. The podiums were completed by Bryan Lake and Adam Koch for the Men, and Boriana Viljoen and Warenta Smutny for the Women.

The races in challenging conditions were held over the course of four days, split into three days of qualifying series and one day of final series. With two discards for the whole event it was crucial for competitors to stay out of trouble and avoid mistakes and equipment failure.

Winds up to 30 knots at the top mark situated right under the Golden Gate Bridge and steep choppy seas made the event a challenge for both sailors and equipment.

2012 North American Course Racing Championships | Results

1. John Heineken
2. Bryan Lake
3. Adam Koch
4. Riccardo Andrea Leccese
5. Olivier Dansin

1. Erika Heineken
2. Boriana Viljoen
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