Johnny Heineken captures the Regatta Copa Mexico

March 28, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Adam Koch: always happy kiteboarding

Johnny Heineken has conquered the Regatta Copa Mexico, which took place in Banderas Bay, in the coast of Riviera Nayarit. The kite course race challenge was managed by John Craig.

Kiteboarding stood along with the most hi-tech yachts in this prestigious international sailing event.

Adam Withington, Alexis Aguera, Alex Aguera, Paolo Rista, Bryan Bernie Lake, Joey Pasquali, Johnny Heineken and Ricardo Leccese were some of the competitors taking part in the competition.

In the first day of kiteboarding races, everyone wanted to show off and speed up to the leading places. Adam Koch, Bernie, Johnny and Ricardo were exchanging tactics and control.

"As we continued racing with our big kites, Johnny was proving to be the world champion he is, by never giving up and fighting all the way to the finish. Bernie for sure deserves recognition for leading the most races and having the worst luck", explains Koch.

When wind disappeared, he had to watch Johnny and Adam sail right around him as he struggled to keep his kite in the air. In the second day, wind had several moods. Initially, it was blowing well but by the end of the day it totally went off the map.

In the last day of races, the wind filled in nicely for 13-metre kites. More wind seemed to have brought the fleet closer together.

"There is nothing more fun than grinding to the finish overlapped with other racers. Paolo and Stefano Rista ended up tied after 11 races and 4 days of racing. If Paolo would have beaten his brother in the last race he would have won", says Adam Koch.