Johnny Heineken is the 2012 Lord of the Wind

January 19, 2012 | Kiteboarding
2012 Lord of the Wind Showdown: watch those lines | Photo: Morgan Edwards

Johnny Heineken is the 2012 Lord of the Wind. The world kite racing champion has been crowned the best wind rider between kiteboarders and windsurfers, in Los Barriles, Baja Mexico.

The US sailor took the first place in the kiteboarding course race and a second place in the slalom series. Adam Koch kept the silver honors and he was followed by Bryan Lake, in third place.

Kiteboarders got the most out of the 12-14 knot winds in the long distance race and dominated the competition. The event opened with 16-22 knot winds and a rolling swell. A total of 40 heats were run and kiteboarders had the opportunity to do a big air contest.

In the last day of competition, the wind only showed up at 2pm, but the competition was intense. The 2012 Lord of the Wind Showdown is clearly one of the best wind sports contest in the world and is putting Los Barriles in the center of the extreme action.

Julien Kerneur, Kirsten Ulmer, Mac Skaggs, Kris Kinn, Erika and Johnny Heineken (kiteboarding), Tyson Poor and Ingrid LaRouche (windsurfing) were the stand-outs of the Mexican wind event.

2012 Lord of the Wind Showdown | Results

1. Johnny Heineken
2. Adam Koch
3. Bryan Lake
4. Julien Kerneur
5. Paulo Rista
6. Colin Ernst
7. Tybur Reed
8. Gabor Vagi
9. Jake Kinney
10. Erika Heineken