Johnny Heineken wins 2012 West Coast Open in Squamish

August 9, 2012 | Kiteboarding
West Coast Open: the Heineken domination

Johnny Heineken has claimed the 2012 West Coast Open Kiteboarding Championships, in Squamish.

The 24-year course racing master reconquered the title and left Bryan Lake in second and Adam Koch in third place. Erika Heineken, Johnny's sister, took the Women's kite competition.

After three days of intense battles, Johnny Heineken talked about the inclusion of the sport in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

“It's a new and exciting sport, but hopefully they get a good venue," Johnny said."A lot of it depends on equipment selection and if it goes to one design class, that would really hurt some of the smaller companies that have supported this sport and helped build it".

"Erica is up here competing with the top guys. The locals are really competitive," he added said.

"Pretty much it is about as competitive a fleet as you can get in the word. I was just happy to pull it together and started the event really strong and then kept sailing pretty consistently".

The best kite course racers now head to Italy for the 2012 Course Racing World Championships, next October, in Cagliari.