Junior kite freestylers battle for world titles

June 9, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Juniors Kiteboarding Freestyle World Championship: showing off in Costa Brava

The 2014 Juniors Kiteboarding Freestyle World Championship will return to the beautiful shores of Costa Brava, Spain, between June 28th and July 4th.

Sant Pere Pescador is ready to host a unique and much-anticipated event. The special format for this Championship is both competitive and nurturing, with competitors ranging from age eight through 16.

While the competition element will pit the young kiteboarders against one another in a battle to crown the Junior World Champions in five categories by age group and gender, the event will also include daily clinics prior to the start of competition.

These clinics will address questions such as, how to best acquire sponsorship in the industry and how to become a professional kiteboarder. Daily sessions are geared to nurture the young athletes in the development of their abilities, skills and strategies within the competitive kiteboarding realm.

Riders will also gain invaluable insight during this week, learning from PKRA judges, pro-riders, and industry veterans on the ins and outs of making kiteboarding a cornerstone of their athletic career.

Judging, coaching, training, nutrition and leveraging media exposure are all topics that competitors will become intimate with throughout the week.

The world title categories awarded are Boys 8-11, Boys 12-14, Boys 15-16, Girls 8-13, and Girls 14-16.

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