KB4girls releases 2010 kiteboarding clinic schedule

February 2, 2010 | Kiteboarding

KB4girls with Kristin Boese

With one successful event already held at August three weeks ago and the second clinic of the year in Melbourne, Australia, just around the corner KB4girls has just released the dates for the eight upcoming clinics of the 2010 World Tour.

Female kiteboarders in Australia, USA, Egypt, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and the UK will have the chance to join one of the KB4girls events in their area while all other girls are welcome to join in too!

These non-profit events will be offering female kiteboarders around the world the opportunity to learn from Kristin Boese and her highly skilled co-trainers. Demonstrations on and off the water target key points for easier learning and guide the girls through trick progressions to fine tune their technique.

The chance to kite with other female riders offers a great learning ambience, motivates and inspires the participants at the same time helps the girls’ kite-boarding movement flourish.

Kristin Boese says: “Having the chance to give the girls these little pointers that make it so much easier for them to improve their riding and actually see them land some new moves is so rewarding and fun. But to see how motivated they get by just riding with other girls alone is amazing and really was what made me launch the KB4girls tour in the first place.

“To offer the girls the best experience possible we have chosen the event-spots carefully. Flat and shallow water to make the participants feel at ease is present in all but one of the events, making them perfect learning spots. If the wind is on our side the girls are almost guaranteed to learn a new move during a KB4girls camp. I am very satisfied with our KB4girls 2010 World Tour venues and am very much looking forward to getting to kite with all the girls!” says Boese.

The participants’ 30 Dollar/Euro/Pound registration fee to secure their spot in an event will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation Europe that is doing an amazing job of protecting our oceans and beaches around the world. Surfrider will also be supplying educational materials to give the participating girls new insight into their water playgrounds and how they can do their part to protect them.

With almost all open slots filled already for the next event in Melbourne, February 9th – 11th , 2010, the stage is set for the next successful KB4girls event and many more to come.

Initial schedule for the KB4girls Tour:

Melbourne, VIC Australia / February 9th -11th, 2010
Kahului, Hawaii / April 9th -11th, 2010
El Gouna, Egypt / May 18th – 20th, 2010
St. Pere Pescador, Spain / May 28th – 30th, 2010
SF Bay Area, USA / June 19th – 20th, 2010
Fischland, Germany / August 20th – 22nd, 2010
Malmo, Sweden / August 28th – 29th, 2010
Hood River, USA / September 4th, 2010
Lancing, UK / October 1st – 3rd, 2010

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