Kevin and Jalou Langeree claim the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic 2014

September 30, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Kevin Langeree: the sprayer | Photo: Cape Hatteras Wave Classic/Jason Hudson

Kevin and Jalou Langeree have conquered the first edition of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic 2014, held on the Outer Banks, in North Carolina.

The annual kiteboarding contest is the only wave-based kitesurfing event held in North America. It has its own unique competition format, and has been inspired in the professional surfing circuit.

Riders are judged based on 50% wave riding, 25% tricks (airs and technical transitions) and 25% overall impression. The top two waves and top two tricks count towards these scores.

Kevin Langeree and Reider Decker made it to the finals of Men's division, with overhead surf and high onshore winds on offer.

Langeree ultimately won the final heat with his higher wave scores and the waves being weighted more than tricks. Evan Netsch took third place, edging out Brandon Cordina.

In the Women's competition, Jalou Langeree and Isa Cohen advanced to the finals and competed in the same extreme conditions.

Jalou Langeree won the contest by leading in waves, tricks and overall impression. The battle for third place was tight, with Gage Ficther grabbing bronze over Dominique Granger.

2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic | Final Results

1. Kevin Langeree
2. Reider Decker
3. Evan Netsch
4. Brandon Cordina
5. James Ropner
5. Mark Miedama
5. Patrick Rebstock
5. Chad Speedy

1. Jalou Langeree
2. Isa Cohen
3. Gage Ficther
4. Dominique Granger
5. Jessie Kilgour
5. Annie Carrier
5. Ashley Wright
5. Carol Bolstad

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