Kevin Langeree: jumping off from an icy cliff

Pure ice grinding. Kevin Langeree and Kai Lenny have experienced a kiteboarding session in the frozen waters and mountains of Alaska.

The group found a flat iceberg, and the wind conditions were light. Sliding an iceberg in Alaska would be a dream come true.

"I saw the perfect cliff to jump off, and it was a nice floating jump. I don't think there are many people who have jumped out of an iceberg", says Kevin Langeree.

With glaciers everywhere, Lenny and Langeree were astonished by the white scenario. Sometimes, they simply rode upwind and downwind to enjoy the sights.

"This was one the craziest trips I've ever done. We got really lucky. Everywhere we went, something magical happened. There are no traces of humans," reveals Langeree.

Robby Naish, who accompanied the two riders, has always dreamed of being near an iceberg.

Suddenly, a large portion of an iceberg broke, creating an avalanche and a three-meter wave, with black bears in the surrounding areas.

With wide tidal differences, the team led by Naish's founder discovered the Alaskan tidal bore, which has great surfing waves for standup paddle boards.

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