King of Kite will blend freestyle and big air tricks

June 18, 2015 | Kiteboarding
King of Kite: getting high in Cyprus | Photo: King of Kite

The 2015 King of Kite will return to Mazotos, in Cyprus. The goal is to get the event internationally recognized as the Mediterranean Kitesurfing Championships.

Are you a freestyle and big air kiteboarding enthusiast? If so, then the King of Kite is the perfect competition for you to test your maneuvers with riders from several corners of the globe.

In 2013, the contest set up a six-kilometer slalom and off-the-wall freestyle battle. Kevin Langeree was the invited kiteboarder. He judged 60 riders' tricks. One year later, pro athlete and invited judge Hannah Whiteley saw Antonis Anthimiades claiming his second consecutive title.

For 2015, the organization has prepared a few surprises. The King of Kite will be run in two days, and the winner will have to accumulate top points in the Free Air competition.

Free Air is a combination of Freestyle (new school) tricks and Big Air (old school) tricks. A rider can perform one style of tricks or combine both to boost their position in the competition.

Ruben Lenten will be watching closely, and he will eventually help decide who's the next King of Kite. The event will also feature a DJ line-up, food, bar, trampolining, and stalls promoting the local beach culture.

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