Kite Boarder Cross Tour 2014 promises speed and jumps

December 12, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Kite Boarder Cross: jumping over a set of explosives

The 2014 Kite Boarder Cross (KBC) Tour will be hosted in France, Spain and Ireland.

Inspired by the winter Olympic sport of Boardercross, the KBC Tour is a global competition open to all levels of kiteboarders, both professionals and amateurs.

Riders compete in four-man heats around a course of banked turns, and perform jumps over buoys. The largest jumping module is two meters high.

Competitors of the KBC World Tour are required to adhere to the same criteria set forth in the IKO Standards regarding safety. For example, all riders are required to wear a helmet.

Because safety is at the core of this event, most riders are eligible to participate. To enter, riders must be able to stay upwind, perform a turn and a simple jump in both directions while abiding by the safety rules. Standard kiteboard equipment with twin tip boards and kites of any brand or model is allowed.

The KBC World Tour is an eye-catching kite event that produces a fantastic perspective on kitesurfing, and new skilled riders can be discovered. This event is also an opportunity for the hosting kite destinations to advertise and promote the local area.

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