Kite Clash sets fire on the Squamish Spit

August 2, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Squamish Pit: a kiteboarding theme park

The first edition of the Squamish Kite Clash is set to the Squamish Pit, Canada, between August 3rd-5th.

The official Canadian National Kiteboarding Championships will crown a freestyle champion, after four competitions in the flat water, Big Air, Slider Jam and Sickest Trick divisions.

"There's a really strong racing series in Squamish - it's fantastic, but spectators can't really see a whole lot from the Spit. Freestyle is what gets the crowds", explains organizer Thor Kaze.

The inaugural Squamish Kite Clash starts with the Big Air contest, the most popular attraction, which expects to attract more than 40 riders to the skies of Canada.

"Sunday is where everyone will pull out their most difficult tricks. They have to be able to do at least seven high quality tricks and land them", adds Kaze.

The slider jam and sickest trick competitions will close the final day of action, in the Squamish Pit, one of the best kiteboarding spots in the country.