Kite Surfer: prepare your fingers to ride

"Kite Surfer" is the latest kitesurfing game for iPhone and iPad.

Lemondo Entertainment has announced the release of its newest game, "Kite Surfer", an arcade kitesurfing game designed for both iPhone and iPad.

"Kite Surfer" is an endless running game, in which players take control of a character by swiping on the display or tilting a mobile device.

The game's objective is to get your character to surf as far as possible while collecting coins and avoiding a range of obstacles such as rocks, boats, small islands and piers.

Coins can be spent on upgrading power-ups such as a wind-powered fan that lets you fly, a coin magnet that brings all the coins to you, a helmet to protect against injury and a multiplier that will allow you to double your earnings.

There is even a rewind feature that gives players the opportunity for a do-over. the game features astounding visual effects with vivid HD graphics.

Music was composed specifically for this game. To see a preview of this exciting new game, please visit The game is available on Apple's AppStore.

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