Kiteboard For Cancer wants to raise $5000 in South Australia

July 7, 2009 | Kiteboarding

 Kiteboard For Cancer in Australia

South Australia – Kiteboard for Cancer is a great initiative kicked off by SA kiter Ben Howlett. Bens request for WAKSA support was received just as we were planning to begin an ongoing charity sponsorship program of our own.

Coincidentally the cancer charities had already been considered the most appropriate given the support offered to WAKSA by Healthways.

NB: If you havent already heard Healthways contributed an extremely healthy $5000 to Kitestock 08 which we put to very good, very appropriate and very much appreciated use by purchasing the two instant shades which were set up, centre stage at the Kitesock event. These shades will continue to provide protection and spread the Healthways/SunSmart message at future WAKSA events.

Whilst Ben has elected to support the Cancer Council SA with his event the WAKSA committee has resolved to begin seeking out an appropriate charity before committing to what we envisage will be an ongoing sponsorship program of our own.

REDKITE is one such charity which has approached us in the past. It was also the charity independently selected by Graham Baker as the recipient of funds raised at last years Course Racing event at South Beach Fremantle.

Given this background; the obvious common link of the name ‘Redkite’ and that Redkite is involved with projects related to kids with cancer (pretty apro for us youthful kiters!) it seems obvious our investigation should start there.

Redkite will now be approached and evaluated as a possible value-for-money charity for us to work with. Our events program; which looks like it may be running downwinders every second weekend for the whole of the Oct to Xmas start of the season; will be manipulated to accommodate our fund raising requirement/s.

Just how all of this will eventuate in its final form is anyones guess at this very early stage. However we thought that a short news item now, even at this very preliminary stage, was warranted given the coverage that it is receiving currently on Seabreeze.

If you are able to assist by contributing info on Redkite as a potential fund raiser recipient we would welcome hearing from you.

As the season draws closer we will announce our finalised plans but they will most certainly involve support of Bens ‘Kiteboard for Cancer’ intiative. At the very least we will work towards the cross promotion of synchronised downwinders on the day of the SA event.

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