Kiteboarders beat windsurfers in the 2011 Orange Speed Crossing

May 2, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Alex Caizergues: he drives fast and collects speed tickets

Alex Caizergues has lead the kiteboarder's victory over the windsurfers in the 2011 Orange Speed Crossing, in Leucate. The duel is always intense, but this time kiters were faster and secured a well deserved revenge.

Last year, the second edition of the sailing battle, the French windsurfing star Antoine Albeau had beaten kiteboarders. This time, in six races and multiple wind conditions, Caizergues, Rob Douglas, Geoffrey Mascarel, Sébastien Cattelan and friends placed many rider in the top rankings.

The races were very tight and Alex Caizergues won by a narrow margin - only six hundredths of a second separated the two men. Windsurfers managed to put the pressure on kiteboarders until the last second and should be congratulated by their efforts.

Rob Douglas, the fastest sailor on Earth, also showed why he has an incredible pace and discipline. After being injured in the Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia, Douglas in back on track to beat his own speed record.

In fact, Douglas did set the best speed record of the 2011 Orange Speed Crossing with a remarkable 42.15 knots. That means an overall victory for Alex Caizergues and the best speed for the North American kiteboarder.

2011 Orange Speed Crossing | Results

3. MASCAREL Geoffrey
4. ALBEAU Antoine
5. CATTELAN Sébastien
6. HOCEINI Sylvain
7. BRINGDAL Anders
8. PRIN GUENON Christophe
9. DOUGLAS Jamie
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