Kite The Reef: 1,237 kilometer to cure Motor Neurone Disease

A group of eight kiteboarders has broken the world record for the longest kitesurfing journey.

The adventure, named Kite The Reef, took place in the northern section of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

The riders sailed a total of 1237 kilometers (768 miles) between August 13th and 21st.

At the same time, the group raised $100,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Research Centre at Macquarie University.

"On top of creating awareness for Motor Neurone Disease and drawing importance to the beauty of The Great Barrier Reef and the need for its conservation, Kite The Reef also highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things," underlines Richard Branson, who supported Kite The Reef.

"No one has ever kited most of the areas that the team is covering."

"Together, they are pushing the frontiers of science, charting uncharted territories, and overcoming great adversity, all in the name of adventure and a good cause."

"I wish that I could be there to join them!"

Jesse Richman, Nicholas Cole, Richard Hatherall, Jason Rogers, Jess Digs, Phil Barton, Nick Levi, and Alex Unsworth broke men, women, and team records, and a femur, too.

The kiteboarders spent 61 hours in the water riding surfboards and twin tips. They kicked off the journey in the Vlasoff Reef and arrived at Cape York eight days later.

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