Kiteboarders head to Spain for the 2009 KPWT Tarifa at Ensenada De Valdevaqueros

June 25, 2009 | Kiteboarding

KPWT Tarifa

For the 1st year, the city of Tarifa has chosen to host the KPWT Kiteboard Official World Championship Tour, sanctioned by ISAF/IKA.

This year the KPWT became the official world championship tour sanctioned by ISAF/IKA. It’s a Super Grand Slam 6star.

The Kiteboard Pro World Tour and Club 2 Vientos Tarifa are pleased to bring you the Movistar Kite Pro Tarifa, Kiteboard World Cup to be held in Tarifa, Spanish playground.

Movistar has emerged as one of Spanish most enthusiastic sponsors of sport in this country. It's a long term strategy between the KPWT and Club 2 Vientos Tarifa.

The Movistar Kite Pro Tarifa, Kiteboard World Cup takes place from 1st – 5th July 2009 at Ensenada De Valdevaqueros (registration 30th June), the venue opens out onto the Atlantic Ocean where we will be enjoying all the fun in the sun over this very event full week.

The Action on the beach will consist of excellent kiteboarding at Spanish and Europeen premier kiteboarding beach with loads of fun and games provided by our sponsors. The evenings will consist of parties and concert.

Spanish riders are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the best international riders from the Kiteboard Pro World Tour and are ready to take them on in the battle for the top honour.

The people of Tarifa welcome the KPWT and all the best international riders to the wonderful country of what we are sure will be the first of many visits to Tarifa Spanish playground.

Tarifa is the most popular kiteboarding destination in Europe. On a regular summer day you can see hundreds of kiteboarders out in the water.

Exceptional place and best international riders will contribute to the success of this world cup event.

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