Kiteboarders ignite the 2009 KPWT Dakhla

September 28, 2009 | Kiteboarding

2009 KPWT Dakhla

Dakhla attitude offers a unique kitesurfing paradise for riders and travellers, with accommodation under tents, quaint bungalows on the cliff and way off the beaten track, what better way to appreciate the KPWT lifestyle!

This Super Grand Slam event will host Freestyle, Kiteloop, Course Racing, Wave Masters, Sliders and a junior competition. Prize money is set at 35 000 Euros and all will be pushing themselves to hopefully find themselves on the podium.

Over 45 riders from 20 different countries have made the trip to Dakhla and to try and further their KPWT points and push themselves to the top of the World rankings.

Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA), Peter Tyushkevich (RUS, FLEXIFOIL), Abel Lago (SPA, RRD), Jan Marcos Riveras (DOM REP, STARKITES) are just some of the top internationals that have arrived in Dakhla. All are looking forward to competing and the opportunity to enjoy what this excellent kitesurfing paradise has to offer!

Amongst the ladies, Kari Shibevaag (NOR, OZONE) is here and looking quite comfortable after her good results in Canada. Wave Master World Champion, Kirsty Jones (UK, ANIMAL) and 5x World Champion Gisela Pulido are both here to take pleasure in the excellent conditions in Morocco.

Competition day one will commence tomorrow with a skippers meeting at 08h00, so stay tuned and connected to this highly anticipated event on the 2009 KPWT calendar.

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