Kiteboarders sail 155 kilometers along the Vietnamese coastline

March 27, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Vietnam: eight kiteboarders sailed from Mui Ne to Vung Tau | Photo: VKS

A group of kiteboarders sailed 155 kilometers along the coast of Vietnam.

They believe it's an all-time Asian record. Seven kiteboarders led by Hai Dang Tran spent eight hours riding their kites from Mui Ne to Vung Tau, in the southeast of Vietnam.

The weather conditions were just perfect. With north-easterly winds blowing at up to 30+ knots, the team set sail from Mui Ne Beach and finished the journey before nightfall. The team leader was worried they could not complete the adventure before sunset but, inspired by a crowd of cheering locals, the group completed the goal.

Kin Nguyen, former Kite Tour Asia (KTA) competitor, was one of the members of the crew. The 36-year-old kiteboarder has sustained many injuries in his career, but he considered it was the most challenging downwind challenge of his entire life.

"When we left in the morning many called us crazy. Without really knowing if this trip was physically possible we just gave it our best shot. I heard I can get a great massage in Vung Tau; I can definitely use one right now!" expressed Nguyen.

The seven kiteboarders were Kin Nguyen, Son Nguyen, Win Stan Wilson, Adam Borys, Dimok Sashenkov, Denis Ukraintsev, and Sergey Gundarev.

Hai Dang Tran, the manager of the Vietnam Kiteboarding School, has new plans for the future. He wants to kite downwind along the entire coast of Vietnam, covering an unbelievable 2000 kilometers in only four weeks. The veteran is aiming at completing the challenge in the summer of 2016.

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