Kites launched at the 2012 ISAF Sailing World Cup

December 3, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Kite racing: speeding up on the regatta field

The 2012 ISAF Sailing World Cup is kicking off in Melbourne, Australia, with nearly 400 competitors from 27 countries ready for action at the Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC).

Kiteboarders will take part in the prestigious event, alongside with windsurfers and many other Olympic classes. With a good, solid 15 knots gusting to over 20 knots blowing from the Southwest, the forecast is perfect for the early part of the week.

"We're really delighted to be here for Sail Melbourne and thank them very much for their gracious invitation. As we have the most foreign competitors in our class, as I know they’d love to see the locals come out and support them", says Markus Schwendtner Secretary of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA).

Kiteboarding is considered to be the fastest growing water sport in the world. Its  popularity continues to expand and IKA wants to transfer knowledge to ISAF, on race management.

"You know, we’d love it if other World Cups would follow Sail Melbourne’s example and as you can see by the strong Kiteboarding contingent that have flown in for this event, there will be strong competitor support. We are certainly excited about our future", adds Schwendtner.

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