Kitesurf Tour Europe attracted 600 riders in 2012

November 20, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Kitesurf Tour Europe: plenty of wind and sun for riding

The 2012 Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe has come to an end and it's time for the overall review of the season.

The official European freestyle and course racing competition is getting better, year after year. In 2012, the Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe ignited the competitive spirit of the European kitesurf elite.

In eight months of contests, there were 600 registered riders and over 300.000 spectators out in the beach watching 576 hours of action on the water.

There were an average of 15 sunny days, out of 24 event days. The average air temperatures ranged from 17° in Sylt to 30° in Brouwersdam, while the average temperature of the water went from 14,8° in Sylt and a maximum of 19,2° in Brouwersdam.

Wind speed ranged from one knot in France and a maximum of 25 knots in Sylt. The German surf town is definitely the most extreme kite spot of the Kitesurf Tour Europe.

The consumption of drinks and sweets reached 7.500 cans of Red Bull, 5.000 packs of Alpro Soja milk and more than 8.200 Chupa Chups. TV broadcast hit 185 hours and eight minutes.

Mario Rodwald and Annelous Lammerts won the overall title in Freestyle. Riccardo Leccese and Christine Bönniger finished first overall in Course Racings. The 2013 Kitesurf Tour Europe is in the making.