Kitesurfer Maciek Kozierski walks on water

July 12, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Maciek Kozierski: liquid walkers

As one of the world's best kite surfers, Maciek Kozierski has long had a vision of himself walking on water, and where better to achieve such a feat than on the Sea of Galilee.

Together with a team that included six-time Israeli wakeboard champion Lior Eliyahu, he spent four days on the project codenamed Miracle, after the feat which was carried out by Jesus in the Bible's New Testament.

For Kozierski, it was a matter of honor that he was able to achieve this modern-day miracle without tricks or any technical assistance.

They spent four full days on the water directly in front of the world-famous church at Capernaum.

The plan: Kozierski would use his kite to accelerate to maximum speed, then step off the board, release the kite and walk on water. Easier said than done!

The main difficulties were that when the wind was strong, the waves were too high, and when the surface was calm, there was not enough wind.

The 26-year-old athlete from Warsaw crashed hard into the water at high speed more than 50 times and had to repeat the whole attempt time and time again.

On the fourth day, they finally accomplished the feat and got the perfect shot: Maciek Kozierski walking on water, and in the background is the historic church.

"We did it without any tricks or smoke and mirrors," he said proudly.