Kurt Hoffman: bitten by a Floridian shark

A kiteboarder has survived a shark attack at Delray Beach, Florida.

Kurt Hoffman was bitten in his left arm, but he didn't see the shark. The moment he felt something, he warned his friends.

"At first I'm thinking I hit something. What the heck was that? Did I just get hit with a bunch of boards with nails in them? It just happened so fast," Hoffman tells Palm Beach Post.

"I see them all the time. I see lots of them, sometimes there are hundreds out there and people don't realize. But they don't really want to bite us, it's a mistake. They live out there. They're hungry."

The 43-year-old kiteboarder got a bandaged arm, but he was not stitched up because doctors didn't want to trap the bacteria from the shark's mouth.

Florida was the world leader in unprovoked shark attacks in 2013, with 23, easily most in the United States and more than twice the number as any other country.

None of the Florida attacks was among the 10 fatal incidents around the planet. Worldwide there were 72 unprovoked shark attacks in 2013.

Discover the shark attack map.

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